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A supernatural suspense thriller set in New Orleans

In 1972, the city of New Orleans was terrorized by a serial killer who came to be known as the Bourbon Street Ripper. Although he was captured, convicted, and executed, his deeds left a scar on the city. Now, twenty years later, the murders have started up again. The secrets of the past, left buried for so long, must be uncovered in order to stop this new horror.

Not Your Typical Mystery

The Bourbon Street Ripper is suspense thriller that takes place in New Orleans during the summer of 1992. Unlike your typical detective mystery, The Bourbon Street Ripper combines elements of both the mystery and thriller genres. There is an investigation, complete with hard-boiled gumshoes, the questioning of suspects, and plenty of false leads and red herrings. However, there are also rooftop chases, escapes from harrowing death traps, and enough fight scenes to sate your appetite.

There are other surprises as well, as The Bourbon Street Ripper draws most of its inspiration from New Orleans culture. Secret societies surrounding the New Orleans elite, conspiracies by the city government to cover up a police scandal, and a deep exploration into the mysterious New Orleans Voodoo culture are all topics contained within this story. It’s an atypical ride, meant to give you, the reader, something unique and memorable.

As I said, not your normal mystery book.

Story of The Bourbon Street Ripper

It was 1972 when a serial killer dubbed “the Bourbon Street Ripper” plunged New Orleans into a living nightmare. Named after the infamous Jack the Ripper for the evisceration of his victims, the Bourbon Street Ripper killed over a dozen people before finally being caught by the police. The murderer, Vincent Castille, a prominent member of high society and a well-respected surgeon, gave no defense for his crimes, and was executed by the electric chair. He was survived only by his ten year old granddaughter.

Twenty years later, the killings have started up again with the exact same location and method of murder. The very same detective who solved the case twenty years ago, along with his junior partner, are placed on the case. With only a handful of clues and an eerie feeling of how familiar these murders are to the originals, the detectives, along with two unlikely citizens pulled into the investigation, must solve the mystery before the next victim is butchered in the same horrible manner.

Sins of the Father: A Suspense Thriller Series

The Bourbon Street Ripper is the first in a trilogy of books entitled Sins of the Father. This series details the fallout of the murders committed by Vincent Castille on the lives of those closest to the original events, as well as the city of New Orleans as a whole. The first book, The Bourbon Street Ripper, is meant to be more of a traditional mystery novel than the subsequent books. As the story winds closer to a conclusion, the events and circumstances that occur will be less typical of the mystery genre and more in line with the thriller genre.

But don’t expect to find out who the murderer is in the first book…

The Principal Characters

    • Rodger Bergeron: The hard-boiled senior detective who solved the original Bourbon Street Ripper case back in 1972. Rodger is haunted by the memory of his partner, whom he was unable to save from the killer. A grizzled and cynical man, Rodger only wants to enjoy his twilight years in peace. This peace is utterly destroyed when the new murders began. In order for Rodger to break free from the past, he must solve the mysteries of the present.


    • Michael LeBlanc: The clean-cut junior detective with only a few years under his belt, Michael is known for his intellect and logical approach to problem solving. His ability to analyze clues and remember their significance will be of great asset to Rodger during the investigation. However, not without his own faults, Michael has a hard time with social cues, and often says things without regard for how it may affect others.


    • Sam Castille: The only surviving descendant of the Bourbon Street Ripper, Samantha Castille, or Sam for short, is Vincent Castille’s granddaughter. Constantly haunted by the memories of what her grandfather did when she was only ten years old, Sam lives as a total recluse, associating only with her close friend Jacob Hueber. Refusing to live off Vincent’s inheritance, Sam ekes out a living as a b-rate mystery writer.


    • Richie Fastellos: Richie Fastellos is the well-known and regarded author of the recent best-selling novel “The Pale Lantern”. On tour in New Orleans, Richie is drawn into the plot of serial murders when he meets Sam Castille, who happens to be a fan of his. What starts as an innocent meeting of two like-minded writers becomes a journey into a hellish nightmare. Not without his own set of problems, Richie offers an outsider’s perspective into the case.