They say that short stories are the best litmus test for any author. Unlike with a novel, where you have hundreds of pages to develop your story and characters, with a short story, you have considerably less. Short stories are also great practice for any budding author, giving them a chance to significantly refine their linguistics skills. Roger Zelzany once told author Neil Gaiman that a short story was “the last chapter of a book I’ll never write.” Over the years, I’ve taken those words to heart.

On the “Short Stories” link of the main menu to the left, you will see a collection of short stories I have been writing over the years. Some of them are going to be quite awful, others will much better, and some were even published. I write a least one short story a month, sometimes more, and these stories are my chance to share a piece of me with all of you, to decide if we’d make a good match – author and reader.