by Leo King

Approx. 500 Words

As I linger within the shadows of my prison, I wait for the chance to get revenge.

I was once one of four brothers, part of a family, living in peace with hopes and dreams. That was before he came – the gluttuonous murderer who killed us and turned into the haunted souls we are today.

For years, my brothers and I plotted for a way to get revenge. We schemed on hunting our murderer down, stalking him in his sleep, jumping upon him and draining every drop of life from his veins.

But that wouldn’t have been good enough. We want him to suffer. We want him to know the same fear and pain we knew before our lives were snuffed out.

Oddly enough, it was the youngest of us, who has always been a bit slow, who finally figured it out. “But him in a labyrinth,” he had said. “Let him get lost with nothing but crumbs of food to drive him towards us!”

It was as brilliant a plan as it was cruel. We loved it.

Capturing the fat coward was easy enough. He’s as easily enticed with the promise of a free meal as a sailor is with the promise of a woman’s flesh. Just the thought of that alone, that I will never again know the touch of a woman, grows my rage even more. I am as red as the hatred I feel.

Finding a readily made labyrinth was tricky, because as spirits we can no longer manipulate materials, let alone build anything. Fortunately, my eldest brother, who had always shown foresight, knew of an abandoned wizard’s tower near the town we once lived in. A few nights of scouting out the maze underneath the main keep and we knew – this was the place where we’d extract our revenge.

The only drawback was that the old wizard who lived here ages ago littered the labyrinth with magical orbs that seem are deadly to spirits like ourselves. If our murderer found a way to use those magical orbs, we may be the ones in peril, not him.

Once we had captured our enemy, we threw him into the maze and sealed ourselves in with him. We stationed ourselves in a small cell with barred gates only we could float in and out of. Then we waited for him to awaken.

Sure enough, in time we heard the greedy fat blob roaming around and aimlessly munching on the small cakes and fruit we left laying around. So disgusting! My eldest brother left first, then my next eldest. Soon it will be my turn. I see him moving in the darkness, my ghostly eyes focused solely on my prey.

His fat, yellow form moves aimlessly. How I loathe him.

Then it is my turn to leave the cell. I rush forward to find my prey. I will destroy him.

I will have my revenge!

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