A Cannibal Story that is quite “Reasonable”

fancy-dinner-party-coverWhen a global pandemic critically affects the food supply of everyone on Earth, different countries react in different ways. The infrastructure of the United States completely collapses, turning the country into a post-apocalyptic fight for survival. Western European countries, such as France and Germany, are overcome by sickness, as attempts to survive on the diseased meat and carrion of livestock and produce creats a death toll unheard of since the black plague. Great Britain, however, comes up with a completely reasonable solution – a quarterly randomized selection from among its citizens for rationed consumption by the masses. It is against this backdrop that our dinner party begins.

Meet Lord Winchester. He is a very reasonable man.

The story of A Fancy Dinner Party centers around the extremely respectable and reasonable Lord Winchester of London. Combining black humor with suspense and horror, A Fancy Dinner Party covers one night of Lord Winchester’s life, an annual formal dinner held for his closest of friends. With a unique cast of characters and a refreshingly morbid look on the lengths society will go to rationalize any decision it makes, A Fancy Dinner Party is one treat you won’t want to miss!

An Entree in a Feast most Macabre

A Fancy Dinner Party is one of the main selections of the short story collection of the same name. Available here for order through small press Grey Gecko Press, you can read all about Lord Winchester’s reasonable evening, along with a veritable feast of other stories by authors such as George Wright Padgett (author of “Spindown”), H.C.H. Ritz (author of “The Lightbringers”), Jason Kristopher (author of “The Dying of the Light”), and Wayne Basta (author of the Aristeia series).